“This is a Movement” with Seamus Gallivan Part 2

When he’s not emceeing concerts at Larkin Square or organizing cause-related events for The Good Neighborhood, Seamus is bullhorning to a crowd of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of cyclists. The co-founder of Slow Roll Buffalo, Seamus is hugely excited about the community bike ride that takes riders of all ages on a weekly ten-mile tour of different neighborhoods across the city. The free event, now in its second season, is meant to help riders explore new places and see the city with fresh eyes. But it’s more than just a joyride.

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“Music Relaxes People” with Seamus Gallivan Part 1

I meet Seamus at the Filling Station in Larkin Square, where he holds his unofficial (and often official) office hours. The meeting in part is penance for some long-ago (and long-forgotten) boyhood mischief that incidentally targeted my family home. I extend forgiveness on behalf of my family, and Seamus and his freshly unburdened conscience sit down with me.

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